Leave in Silence- is there quiet in the land?

May 2010, Devon

“Leave in Silence- is there quiet in the land?”, was a  collaborative public art project with Artist and Activist Kathleen Bitetti (U.S.) dealing with issues related to domestic violence.

The piece consisted of 30 small works left in public places in Devon for members of the general public to come across. Each of the 30 works consisted of a large clear plastic bag. Inside this bag there was a large white envelope and a smaller clear plastic bag that held a piece of small white doll house furniture. Attached to the smaller plastic bag via light blue ribbon was a light blue and white tag with the project’s title on it. The white doll furniture refered to childhood and the home. Inside the white envelope was a brief explanation of the project and a pamphlet of anti-domestic violence hotline numbers. Also inside the white envelope was a light blue envelope which in turn contained further information about the two artists.

The project was part of the 2010 London Biennale and has its own website page




 Return to Sender- Mail Art Project

April to July 2010, University College Falmouth. Dartington Campus

“Return to Sender- Mail Art Project was also part of the 2010 London Biennale and facilitated by Artist Kathleen Bitetti* and Lisa Evans. The project was open for participation by Dartington postgraduate students and art faculty.

The title of the piece is based on the 1962 song by Elvis Presley which was a number one hit in U.K. and a number two in the U.S. The choice of the title humorously references the relationship visual artists often have with contemporary art institutions and the gatekeepers of those institutions.

Each participating artist was given at least two blank pieces of postcard size paper (3 inches by 5 inches) to create at least two pieces of art with. Participants could request more blank postcards, but in sets of two. All finished works had to be flat and not be larger than 3x 5 inches as they needed to fit into closely fitting envelopes.

In June 2010 postcards were randomly mailed to individuals living in London and to London based contemporary cultural spaces or to London-based key person/business involved with contemporary arts/culture. The envelope contains an explanatory text for the project, its connection with the 2010 London Biennale, and the url to the project's webpage.


Not A Word 


“Not A Word” was a book which combined three individual sequences of Barbie and ken images alongside phrases. The piece responded to the representation of female gender roles within images within the public domain and the affect these beliefs have on our future relationships. It also points towards the way cultural icons, such as Barbie and Ken, can shape our thoughts as children around what it is to be male or female and our romantic expectations. The images within “Not A Word” were used to communicate these stereotypical roles whilst the text points towards how these ideal roles can lead to dysfunctional or abusive relationships.

"Not A Word" was also presented as an installations on  three monitor screens during 'Off the Cuff', a group exhibition in Totnes, Devon. 2009. 




“Home” was a project which dealt with themes relating to domestic violence. The definition of the word home often relates to a place that is safe and secure. Lisa was interested in highlighting what happens when this idea of security does not exist. where a home can become a site for oppression and abuse.

“Home” consisted of a combination of moving and still images of household items and rooms within Lisa’s house. During the process Lisa invited people to have recorded conversations around the theme of home and what it meant to them. These conversations were edited together to highlight home as a place of safety and care whilst text taken from Miranda Tufnell’s A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination on home as a site for oppression and abuse was placed onto subtitles. The combination of the spoken word and the written subtitles emphasised the contradiction.

“Home” has been used by the Domestic Violence and Abuse service for presentations and talks.



Faded Memories

June 2007. National Library Wales, Aberystwyth

"Faded Memories" is an autobiographical piece addressing issues of domestic violence and concern concepts relating to love, loss and memory.

During the process Lisa decided to write about a memory relating to her experience of domestic violence over a duration of ten weeks, repeating a specific memory related to that experience. At the same time she asked other survivors to share their experiences with her, placing these texts between each one of the repeated tellings. This highlighted our gradual awareness and long journey of healing after the event had occurred. Also, our comfort in observing other survivors experiences which develops awareness and understanding of our own. At the beginning, the explanation of her personal memory is long and detailed. As the stories progress, the focus turns to nostalgia and then to regret and anger. They become shorter and analytical, keeping some repeated sentences to link them together.

In 2008 "Faded Memories" was installed at the Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth supported by Aberystwyth Women's Aid.

During 2009 selected images and text taken from Faded memories were used to make a 2010 calender for the Domestic Violence and Abuse service, South and West Devon.



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