Lisa Evans is a visual artist, writer and activist who, since 2006, has produced projects which address social issues such as domestic violence, gender roles/gender assignment and homelessness that affects society. Her work has deconstructed commercialised dolls and romance novels that are part of our childhood and adult culture. Active in social change her practice combines photographic image, written text and spoken word to create books, videos, posters and installations which are focused on raising awareness in the public domain as well as personal transformation. One of her largest pieces of work was ‘Faded Memories’ (2007) an installation exploring concepts relating to domestic violence and abuse. During this period the writing she produced was both autobiographical and taken from work with male and female survivors to convey themes surrounding memory, time and the trauma of painful experiences.

Lisa's projects involve the inclusion of organisations and policies concerned with the issue and have an intention to empower the participants involved. She is interested in producing work that is non-authoritative in nature and where the writing is not fixed but turns outwards to activily engage the viewer.

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